September 28, 2012

-[ Gareth Pugh Runway ]-

This is one of the most exciting designers on the planet.
This season show at the Palais de Tokyo, he opened with models in black gauze and wearing mantillas, amongst that was lots of silvery gray and blood red looks.
Moving on to dresses in flowing layer, cut in his trademark ''trangles, the most powerful shape'' he has said in the past, others were embroidered of frayed or in almost liquid metal suedes.

September 27, 2012

-[ What to wear? Beginning of fall ]-

Fall is definitely here, and with it comes the dark trends.
But i am not the kind of girl that follow that, i always love to put a hint of color in evrything i wear..

September 23, 2012

-[ Vintage Oasis in Palm Springs ]-

I've never been to Palm Springs, but afer seeing this, i definitely want to.
Originally designed by architect William F. Cody, and update by architect Michael Haverland, who did a great work keeping it true to that area.
The color scheme combined with the furniture gives a relaxation vibe...Amazing

September 22, 2012

-[ Fashion Inspiration: Brooches ]-

Brooches, pins, whatever you want to call them, i think this old and classic accessories are darling.
Pin it everywhere. Its a fantastic way to add a little extra to an outfit, and you know i am all about the details.
love it...

September 19, 2012

-[ Fashion Inspiration : The Pantsuit ]-

Helmut Newton

Derek Lam


Kate Moss for YSL

Miroslava Duma

Ok, this was all over the runways and lots of designers put pantsuits in their collection. I am ready for fall, and i have to admit that i am kind excited for this trend. It can be really sexy when its done right. Miroslava Duma is my fashion inspiration, i love her style and she always look really fab. 
what do you think?? Are feeling inspired? 

September 18, 2012

-[ Topshop Unique Spring / Summer 13 ]-

Topshop is one of may favorite stores. I love their clothing, shoes, makeup and my fav, their jewelry.
And the love continues with how they bring back this minimalistic and maxi shapes. I can see myself wearing all this next spring, but if i had to pic a favorite, i go for the image number 1, 5, 9 and 11...Ohhh that was hard.....What is your favorite????

Pictures from tumblr